​Increase Sales up to 70% ​by creating

​a Business Promo Video

​Benefits of a Business Promo Video

​A ​Business Promo Video ​is a great way to help consumers learn how your specific product or service can benefit them.  As they see this benefit, they will be 70% more likely to purchase your product or service.  Here are some additional benefits:

  • ​Increase website SEO - An embedded Business Promo video can increase the SEO rating of your website as it will help people stay on your website longer.  According to Google®, the longer an individual is on a website means they have found relevant information.
  • ​Increase the professional appearance of your company - Most large, stable companies use video to promote their products or services.  A Business promo video will help you feel like a large, stable company as well.
  • ​Have another searchable online resource- In today's online economy, businesses are competing to be found online.  A Business promo video can show up in search results, giving you another way people can find you online.

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