Yay!! You are on your way to becoming your own HEALTH HERO! Thank You For Registering!

You are now on your way to becoming your own Health Hero! Here are a few things you should know as we prepare for this upcoming course:

  • You will receive a weekly email from me with everything you need to be successful.
  • We will be cooking every Saturday morning together! (You in your kitchen with me in mine)
  • We will be building up your spice cabinet a little at a time
  • You will receive a weekly shopping list from me every week at the end of our class to prepare for the next class.
  • We will miss one week due to the holiday, but this will be the perfect time to work on ways to make it through the holidays or vacations with your new lifestyle.

I have made this class as easy as possible! Just come and enjoy the TASTE OF CHANGE with me each and every week.