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Your health is 100% a choice. We are what we EAT to the CELLULAR level... There is a jungle of information out there on how to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle...Let me be the machete to get you through the jungle to the other side of health with my 9 Week Online Cooking Course

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9 Week Online Cooking Course

Top 6 Benefits You Will Gain From This Course!

1. Chef Julianne will educate you on the Benefit and Value of every ingredient you use. She has spent the past 9 years studying and learning the value of every ingredient of a healthy plant-based lifestyle and will teach you how to create and Build Healthy Meals

2. You will learn how to be Successful in eating healthy. Chef Julianne will teach you everything from how and where to shop, prepare and cooking skills and tips, even what kitchen tools to use, as well as how to plan for trips and holiday celebrations. You won't fall off the bandwagon.

3. Chef Julianne will help you Discover  foods you Love and even give you healthy recipes for those foods you just think you can't live without! If you love what you eat, you will be successful and LIVE a healthy lifestyle.

4. Many past students have reported many Health Benefits, including Higher Energy Levels, Less Illness, as well as Weight Loss transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

5. You will feel Empowered and Supported along your personal health journey with the support and accountability provided by Chef Julianne and your fellow students...Your new tribe of health seekers!

6. You will discover that Chef Julianne will bring Clarity and Understanding to all of the information that is out there about living a plant-based lifestyle. There really is a Jungle of Information out there and Julianne will be your personal Macheté to cut through it all and empower YOU to become your OWN HEALTH HERO!

My Personal Health Story

In my 30's I was diagnosed with MS. I discovered in my learning that I believe ate my way into MS and I ate my way out of it too!” - Chef Julianne Nagle

Hear Chef Julianne's personal Healing Story

How I learned how to quit going to the PHARMacy and how to use Mother Nature's FARMacy!

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Important Class Information

Next Class Begins - September 24th!

Cook live with Julianne in HER kitchen and YOU in YOURS
Every Saturday on Zoom from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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What The Course Includes!

1. You will receive copies of over 150 taste tested recipes from Chef Julianne including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!

2. You will cook Live  with Chef Julianne in HER kitchen and You in YOUR kitchen every week over Zoom and learn from her vast knowledge and research. You will have cooked ALL your meals for the ENTIRE WEEK! Nothing to think about except...which delicious meal do I want to eat...heat it, plate it and EAT IT! 

3. You will receive stress-free meal plans, weekly shopping lists and prep instructions all done For You!

4. You get Vip Access to all live recordings and tools on Julianne's TOC TRIBE (students only) website.

5. You will be given access to a Private Facebook Group for support and accountability with Chef Julianne and your fellow health seekers - your TOC TRIBE! Questions answered, share pictures of the meals when you plate them and how you are loving them...And your family's responses!

6. You will learn all of the Building Blocks of health and how to build your own healthy spice cabinet...along with a growing healthy pantry. By about week 6 you will most likely be shopping for just the veggies...You will be saving so much money on your food bill!

What Others Say about The Taste of Change


You will learn so much more than recipes and have FUN in the process! Julianne is a wealth of Knowledge! Highly Recommend!

Mary Bivona Lord 

Course Graduate


Whether you are new to the plant-based diet or are just starting your journey...Julianne is empowering and inspiring and a wealth of knowledge!

Nadine Hahn

Course Graduate


Julianne is a beautiful person inside and out! Her passion for helping others learn good eating habits shows in her food and her countenance

Lisa Ann Smith

Course Graduate

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I understand the importance of KNOWING you are making the right choice. I want to give you a free class sample and cook one of my taste-tested recipes I know you will love!

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