Utah Dance Academy 2023 Performance

Digital Video Orders May 9th & 10th 2023

Cast A:  $15 (plus tax)
Cast B:  $15 (plus tax)
Cast C:  $15 (plus tax)
Cast D:  $15 (plus tax)

$5 OFF Each Additional Cast when ordering more than one cast performance or $35 for all 4 performances

Delivery Method:

NEW! - Streaming & Digital Download

Due to rising costs and supply chain delays, we will be delivering this years Showcase as a Digital Stream and Digital Download on Vimeo. You will also want to download the video to a personal hard drive or USB drive for your personal keeping. If you have any issues with downloading the file, we will make ourselves available to help you with any technical issues.

About Masterpiece Images

Masterpiece Images is an Ogden-based video production company.  They have been filming live events for more than 20 years and specialize in dance events.  Jason Hadley, the head videographer, has filmed numerous live productions, including performances for high school drill teams, ballet companies, ballroom companies, and the University of Utah Dance Team. They are excited to be able to help us create this wonderful memory for Julie Moffitt Ballet School.